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Namkha Rinpoche


Welcome to Drolo Ling, a dedicated Dharma centre situated in the picturesque Tarn region of Southern France. Founded in 2009, our centre has been a hub for authentic Buddhist practice and study. Here, we focus on traditional teachings and methods that have been cherished and preserved within Buddhism for centuries.

In a significant milestone for our community, 2022 saw the beginning of a project that embodies our commitment to the Dharma: the construction of a stupa. Completed in 2023, this sacred monument, filled with numerous blessed relics, stands as a symbol of enlightenment and a focal point for devotion and meditation.

Our facilities include a Gompa for group teachings and practices, a retreat hut for solitary meditation, a protector house that holds deep cultural significance, and a beautifully cultivated garden that provides a peaceful environment for contemplation and reflection.

The local Sangha gathers on the 10th and 25th of each month for Tsok, a traditional practice of offering. We warmly invite newcomers, whether you wish to participate in meditation classes or simply to visit and experience the tranquil and spiritually enriching atmosphere of Drolo Ling. Here, in the heart of Tarn, you’ll find a supportive community and a conducive environment for deepening your understanding and practice of Buddhism.

Drolo Ling temple

Sunset on the stupa of Drolo Ling

Dharma protectors house

View of the temple and Stupa

Meditation hut

Stupa, 2023

Sangha, 2023