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Namkha Rinpoche receiving
a kata at the end of a teaching, 2023


Rigdzin Gatsel Ling was in fact the very first dharma centre established by Namkha Rinpoche in Europe, when he first arrived in Lithuania in 1999. Rinpoche stayed there for 9 months, giving teachings to his first Lithuanian students. In 2007, Namkha Rinpoche returned to Lithuania for the first time in 8 years, and officially founded Rigdzin Gatsel Ling.

The original centre is located in Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital city, and was recently expanded to comprise a more remote retreat centre in Rusėnai.

Ever since Rinpoche’s first visit, and under his close guidance, the Rigdzin Gatsel Ling sangha has been actively studying, practicing and spreading Vajrayana teachings and the lineage of Dudjom Tersar in particular.



His Eminence Adzom Gyalse Rinpoche
giving teachings in Dzogchen Ling, 2023

Offering water bowls in Dzogchen Ling

Lama Sangye Dorje giving
a teaching in Dzogchen Ling, 2023

Statue of Samatabadra