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Painting of Guru Rinpoche maybe by Tashi Lhamo on a rock.
Rigdzin Khando Ling retreat center in south of Spain


Artistic activities of the Rigdzin Community named The House of Magical Display of Mirror-like Primordial Wisdom by Namkha Rinpoche.

Over the years, the Rigdzin Community sangha has developped skills in various traditional artistic activities, like ritual objects, Tormas, images to support the Vajrayana Secret Mantra practices, Stupa making, furnitures and architecture, etc.

Here are some examples in pictures.

Hung syllable made of five colors.
Rigdzin Khandro Ling retreat center in south of Spain.

Foudations of the Stupa built
by the sangha of Drolö Ling, France, 2022

Rainbow appearing behind the Stupa in the making.
Drolö Ling, 2023

Stupa’s blessing ceremony right after the construction was finished. January 2023

Pema Thutop and Tashi Lhamo behing big Varakilaya Statue

Painted Phurba with steel-meteorite blade

Five pronged Vajra & Bell

Chönor working on a wooden statue
of HH Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, 2022

Wooden statue of HH Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

Wooden statue of HH Chatral Rinpoche

Sotse painting the main gate
of Namkha Dzong

Sang Bum painted by Sotse and some sangha artists

Bell freshly painted on Rigdzin Khando Ling wall

Wooden torma in the making

Wooden Torma of Guru Rinpoche ornmented with kargyen

Zor Torma made of tsampa
for a Dorje Drolö Drubchö

Vajrasattva head made of kargyen

Kargyen sculpture of Guru Rinpooche and Yeshe Tsogyal

Torma assembled by Jigme Phuntsok, chöpon and torma artist

Traditional wooden furnitures handmade by Sotse

Handmade bed furniture

Altar completely handmade by Sotse

Foutain in front of Namkha Dzong in the making

The same fountain flowing after being completed

Dharma protectors house in Drolö Ling, France

Troma Nagmo thangka

Kuntusangpo thangka

Digital painting of HH Chatral Rinpoche