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Namkha Rinpoche in Namkha Dzong, 2012


Rigdzin Namkha Dzong Orgyen Khandro Ling is the main retreat centre of the Rigdzin Community. It is located in a wild and remote region in the south of Spain, near the small village of Bedar (about 1h drive from Almeria, and 3h from Alicante).

Originally, Namkha Dzong was but a simple house, located on top of an isolated mountain. It was offered to Namkha Rinpoche by two of his students, and slowly transformed into a vibrant retreat centre, home to some of the most important events of the community.

Namkha Dzong never falls short of creating a profound impression on whoever crosses its gate, be it for a one-off visit or for a retreat. The purity of the wild mountainous lands surrounding it, its panoramic views onto the vastness of the sky and ocean, the dazzling beauty of its sunrises and sunsets – these inspiring outer conditions contribute to making Namkha Dzong an incredibly authentic place for solitary retreats.

On the inner or intangible level, Namkha Dzong has been blessed through the presence of eminent masters such as HH Dudjom Rinpoche, and through years of authentic dharma transmissions and practice.

Namkha Dzong is indeed the place where the nagmas and nagkpas of the Rigdzin Community gather to receive some of Namkha Rinpoche’s most precious transmissions and pith instructions, where they get the opportunity to train intensively, and where they can complete solitary retreats.

Sangbum and Khandro Semo Dechen
Yudron Rinpoche’s Stupa

Sang offering
in Namkha Dzong, 2021

HH Dudjom Rinpoche welcome ceremony
in Namkha Dzong, 2019

Offering prayers to Ling Gesar, 2021

One of the meditation caves
of Namkha Dzong

Guru Rinpoche statue
in front of the main entrance

Ngakpas and Nagmas enjoying
the beautiful area of Namkha Dzong